Thursday, February 21, 2013

Book Review: Sketching Evil

Sketching Evil, by Donna Anders

Donna needs to go to a writing course. It's a tedious read. The writing is patronising, forced, and there are basic grammar mistakes in every chapter.

* She writes "...Pam and Bill, who were already there spaying water on the flames with his garden hose." Pam and Bill are married and live next door.  They have come from THEIR house, and it should be THIER hose. If only Bill was there, then 'his' would be fine, but as both are there, the hose belongs to both of them. (And it should be "spraying").

* She writes that someone "floorboarded it" and "floor-boarded it". First of all, it's just "floored", but that's besides the point.   If you are going to hyphen a word (other than separating a word for different lines) you need to be consistent.

The writing doesn't flow - you have to keep re-reading because the sentence you just read didn't make sense.

The basic plot has potential, but she butchered it: it's predictable. The main character should be able to put two and two together before the 'climax', but she still has no clue. (She found birth certificates and other papers which showed she was the long lost granddaughter of a wealthy recluse and still couldn't put it together that the current heirs were the 'killers').

The so-called 'love relationship' which develops makes you want to vomit.  One of the most unrealistic relationship developments I've ever read, apart from in novels designed for 13 year olds.

Give this book (and Donna Anders) a wide berth.

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