Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cute Charlie things

While Charlie is an outside dog, he comes inside to watch his meals prepared, for special training time, and for social times. After his last time inside for the night (after dinner he has a little social time), he goes outside with a dog biscuit. When he sees the biscuit, he goes to the door and waits to go outside.

The other night he didn't go to the door when I got his biscuit. I called and showed him the biscuit and let him sniff it, and then went to the door, but he still didn't come. I got a candy cane (he LOVES peppermint, but it is an extra extra special treat) and went to the door, and he still wouldn't come. It occurred to me that I only had half a biscuit in my hand (it had broken).
I went to get a full biscuit, showed it to him, and he went straight to the door.

Tonight when I got the biscuit, he gave it a good look (it was a whole one!) and went happily to the door to go outside for the night. He's a character, all right! (Oh, the pic is about 6 months old. He's now MUCH bigger).

His tricks and words he knows include:
- "sit"
- "drop"
- "come here" (he sometimes disobeys this if what he is doing is more interesting (like chasing a bird at the dog park))
- "stay" (stay in the sit/drop position until I come back [from another room] or tell him to come)
- "shake hands.... other hand"
- "high five" (which paw depends on the hand you offer him)
- "bang" (lay on side and play dead)
- "look at me" (look me in the eye)
- "not yet" (put a piece of food down, tell him 'not yet', and he won't touch it until you say 'ok, now').
- "go get it" (eg, throwing a ball)
- "bring it back"
- "get your pig"
- "get your chicken" (yes, he does know the difference)
- "pick it up" (pick up [the toy] from the floor by my feet and give it to me)
- "in my hand" (put it in my hand)
- "outside" also "go to the door"
- "do you want to come inside?" (when you are both outside; he'll go and wait by the door)
- "here it is"
- "wait" (when we are walking, he stops and 'waits' to cross the road)
- "let's go" (usually follows wait, or to signal the start of a walk, or to get him to continue walking when he stops to smell something)
- "bow" (drop to his front elbows and put his chin on the floor)
- "park"
- "walk"
- "do you want some?" (indicates you have something he might want so he'll come to you and usually sit and "relax")
- "really?" (follows "do you want some" and he will "relax" harder by pushing is head harder onto you)
- "relax" (put his chin flat on the surface [knee, thigh, table] you indicate)
- "touch" (put the back of your hand in front of him and he will nudge it with his nose)
- "roll over"
- "on your mat" (goes and sits on his mat inside)
- "kiss" (nudges/licks your cheek/nose/forehead with his nose)
- "heel"
- "easy" / "settle" (don't walk so fast/settle down)
- "uh-uh" / "no"
- "mum"
- "dad"
- "Angie"
- "my car" (go to my car, not out the gate or to "dad"s car)
- "let it go" / "give it to me" (when he has something he's not supposed to; when inside, it usually results in him running to the beanbag and burying his head in it and waiting until you come to him and take it out of his mouth)
- "get down" (eg - off the couch)
- "treat" (as in 'do you want a treat' - results in him coming to you, or going to the laundry where his food/treats are kept)

He is also sort of knows
- "rabbit" (another toy)
- "beanbag"
- "ball"

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Liz said...

So cute! Charlie knows way more tricks than Bubba does. We just taught Bubba to play dead after saying "bang!", but now he plays dead for every command: sit, rollover, shake, whatever--say any of those words, he drops dead and then sits up looking very proud of himself. (He's easily confused.:)