Sunday, May 15, 2011

A puppy can indeed be a baby substitute

My folks have been talking about getting a dog for the last THREE years. It has to be a boy, and a black and white border collie. And not too expensive. And not from a dodgy pet store. And it has to be a puppy so we can train it properly....

Yes, there was a list of criteria that this puppy had to fill. And none was found in the years of looking in the paper or online. They were either already too old. Or they weren't black and white. Or they were too expensive. You get the idea.

And then, there he was. In the paper. On a weekend my parents were going away for two weeks. So, what to do? Send me to go see him, that's what. He might have been ugly, or just "not exactly right".

But he wasn't. He was super cute, and playful. He looked at me with those pretty eyes and wagged his tail. He snuggled into my shoulder when I picked him up.

Talk about a dilemma. Here I'd found our dog, and my parents were going away. And the backyard gate wasn't finished yet.

But he was so cute!

So here I am on the first night. I've had him for less than 10 hours and I'm exhausted and a little frustrated. I feel like a single mum with an adopted 6 month old baby.

It's not his fault he's scared of a new place, and missing his family. It's not his fault he's teething and so must chew on everything. It's not his fault he's used to playing with his siblings, which includes play-biting.

I can't leave him alone outside because he cries (and he has to be on a leash until the gate is finished).
I'm house-breaking him and teaching him not to bite hands or shoes or chew on his bed, and that inside is for calmness and outside is for running and playing. I worry about what he'll do when I have to leave him alone and go to work.

He's still gorgeous, and when he falls asleep in your lap, or comes when you call, or looks at you and wags his tail, you can forgive him for not understanding what you want. And he's at such a vulnerable age for developing his personality!

I just can't wait until I'm not doing this on my own.

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Liz Mc. said...

hi ang!

long time no see/talk/whatever! i just remembered your blog today and thought i would stop by for a visit. i hope you're doing well and you're enjoying your pup!