Saturday, August 08, 2009

Leaving Korea; Pros and Cons

Things I'll miss about Korea:

- being given a laugh every time I see Konglish advertising and clothing.
- being within a 5 minute walk of a large cinema, a department store and two grocery stores, my bank, my work, cafes, restaurants, 4+ major bus routes and more.
- being within a 15 minute walk of the beach, a hiking mountain, another cinema, two more department stores and another grocery store, bars, clubs, my salsa classes, and more.
- friends
- Sunday night Trivia
- my perfect-for-one-person apartment
- cheap bus and taxi fare
- my tutoring job

Things I won't miss about Korea:

- asshole bosses
- idiotic directors
- depressing work situations
- leery men on the beach
- being asked if I'm Russian (code for if I'm a prostitute)
- manic drivers
- being stared at wherever I go (and not in a nice way)

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