Monday, January 19, 2009

Escaping A Burning Building

Last night I was at PubQuiz, a weekly trivia night I attend at a local pub. Always lots of fun, and a time to catch up with good mates.

Anyway, last night, about halfway through the quiz, there was suddenly a lot of commotion towards the front of the place (behind where I was sitting the in far back corner). Looking around, I noticed that it seemed really dark, and realised that the ceiling was covered with black smoke. Then I noticed the flames, which had engulfed the kitchen behind the bar, and were quickly engulfing the bar (which was near the door) and the ceiling.
People started shouting, get out, get out. At first everyone was like a deer caught in headlights, and my first thought was actually "it's only a fire. put it out and let's get back to the quiz." Well, I didn't do that :)
I grabbed my jacket (thank God, because I would have died of exposure outside) and joined the herd rushing the door (between seeing the fire and getting out the door was only actually about 8 seconds, but in that time the fire was on the ceiling over the door, so we had to run bent over).

So, we stood outside and watched the place go up. The Koreans there called the fire dept, we shouted to the people in the upper floors of the building (who took the elevator down), people took photos and video on their phones, some called loved ones, and a few cried, and me and others stood a respectful distance back since the place had gas (there was a small explosion). Of course, the guys who had a girlfriend got to look very manly and protective standing and wrapping their arms around their girlfriends while the guy watched the fire and the girl buried her face in his jacket (why? fires are fascinating.)

It took a bit for the fire trucks to get there (but not that long if you know anything about Korean traffic). The fire guys quickly put out the fire, had one truck which decided to spray a hefty dose of water on a car and the people standing behind it (including me, but I got out of the firing range before the truck really started gushing), and the fire guys eventually went in and retrieved items left in the bar (cell phones which actually still worked, melted bags, etc). By that time many people (all the couples, noticeably) had left, and everyone left was starting the freeze, so we went to Sunset (another bar nearby) for some after-fire-we-survived-wow drinks.

All in all, certainly an interesting PubQuiz (I take it my team won).

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Dear AL said...

Glad you and everyone made it out ok. You wouldn't want to piss off Bob.