Friday, August 17, 2007

Jerks Hurt

It seems like I'm a magnet for men who are emotionally unavailable fuckwits without the foggiest idea what a real friend is or how to treat one once they get it (ie: in me).
I don't claim to be the most emotionally stable person in the world. I don't claim to be an amazing friend who has never hurt someone or been rude to a friend. But I bloody well know what kindness, respect, honesty and apologising is.
The prick in question was calling me, hugging me and basically telling me how much he appreciated my friendship. And within 2 weeks (ok, 3, I guess) has said "never speak to me again" and deleted me from his facebook. And I seriously haven't even really seen him that much in the last fortnight, so I don't think I've actually done anything, and even if I have inadvertently hurt/insulted/whatever him, a normal friend would be straight forward and say "what you did hurt me" and we'd talk it through and everything would be ok, really.

So, although I seem to have been suckered again, I will not be dragged down by a bad man and possibly an American (or Korean) stick insect. He obviously doesn't care about me, our friendship (and we WERE pretty good friends, I thought), or all the good times we've had and I will not waste my energy with such a bipolar/manic-depressive asshole.

I choose vodka. And Shaka Kahn.


Brian T. Murphy said...

so - I don't know you, except for your blog - which I guess really isn't much. so maybe it's weird for me to post here.

just wanted to say sorry.

and three cheers for vodka, which would be on me, were I in the vicinity of you.

that's all I got.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's a Brian. I felt bad about not having commented here in ages, and now I feel bad because I haven't commented on Brian's blog in forever either. Hmm. Guilt for all!

But anyway, I promote aged single malt whisky over vodka. It's grumpy with class. Want one? It's very nice, and it says "outraged cuture vulture" rather than "adolescent angst".

cheesecakeerian said...

Yep. Vodka. Grey goose vodka and orange juice. *hiccup*