Tuesday, May 22, 2007

T.... spells Teacher

If a person were learning a new language, and had heard, seen, spoken and written a word a million times a day since they began learning that language, you would think said person would know how to spell it, right?
As I found out: wrong.

The word in question, as you may have gathered from my subtle title was 'teacher', given in a spelling test as one of eighteen words studied that week from a phonics book to children in about 4th and 5th grade.

Two students (out of 8) got 18/18 for the test. Variations of 'teacher' included
  • there
  • thult
  • thchur
  • tetchr
  • thecer
I don't know what happened. Usually they are not this bad (even the boy who I suspect is dyslexic) but it must have been creative spelling day, because other mistakes from the students who did not get 18/18 were:
  • gird (girl)
  • sourt (shirt)
  • ciunt (count - the 'i' saved him from having me burst out laughing)
  • ciw, cird (cloud)
  • latur, letur, letle (letter)
  • pual, puls (purse)
  • nults (nurse)
Of course, these are the kind of days where all you can do is laugh (and blog about it).

have a good one,

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