Saturday, April 21, 2007

Early Morning Wake Up Calls

She stood there in the video feed of my doorbell moniter. Feet together, hands clasped, head bowed meakly, dejectedly, sadly; chin-to-chest. She was young, perhaps 18, but hard to tell because of her posture. The older woman stood in front of her authoritatively, looking respectfully into the camera. The first ring of the doorbell woke me up. The second got me out of bed. After viewing their images for a moment, I opened the door and simply said "wrong ah-part-uh". The older woman looked a little shocked, a little disapointed, a little uncertain. I closed the door and I could hear them move on down the hallway.
It made me wonder at their story. And at who had lived in this apartmen before me.
It's not the first time something like this has happened.
That time the doorbell did not ring, my door was simply tried to be opened at 2 am. After being jolted awake with nightmare-come-true images of someone breaking in, I lay in my bed, thanking God I had locked the door. My door handle was tried again. Then the doorbell. There was no image in the video screen. It got me out of bed to take a closer look as the bell rang one more. Through a sleep-fogged mind, I stood there looking at the screen, lit up from being activated, but showing no image. Not a person. Not an empty hallway. Just an empty monotone screen. I waited, knowing I would never open the door till I knew who was on the other side. And after a moment the man took his hand away from blocking the camera, looked slightly confused, slightly angry, and walked away.

Who are these people looking for?


Anonymous said...

You have an interesting and somewhat left of field existence, don't you.

Green Lantern said...

How bizarre... But there's the start of a ripper movie screenplay, though...

Liz Mc. said...

ewwww. creepy.