Sunday, April 01, 2007


It is one year to the day since I arrived in Korea to be a teacher. It is 9 days until I am 26 years old.
As I reflect on these numbers and the past year, my mind is flooded by thoughts; memories I wish I could erase; others I wish would come alive Harry Potter-style for me to hang on my wall.
Time is a funny thing, and this past year seems to have gone by so quickly, with life just going on. At the same time the memories, both good and bad, replay in my mind in a mixture of still-frames and video clips, and I am overwhelmed by them all.
I don't want this year to just 'go by'. I don't know exactly what that means or how to make it happen, but to avoid melancholic ponderings, right now I'm thinking that filling the year with friends, food and wine sounds like a good start.

So, cheers. 'Ave a good one.


Liz Mc. said...

happy early birthday! it was good to hang out with you and chat for a bit last night. we should do it again sometime!

Brian T. Murphy said...

"filling the year with friends, food and wine sounds like a good start."

yes. yes, indeed.

often, it feels like that is about all I have.

Green Lantern said...

Happy birthday for yesterday, Ang. Sorry I didn't get around to this sooner.

That Borthday Alarm site! Gee whiz! I didn't know you had to pay to send at least one card! To send the card I was going to send (Homie Hip-Hop Hamsters, if you're curious), I would have to have paid to send more during the year! I just want to send one, please!

Oh, well. I hope that you had a grand day. May you have many blessings poured upon you over this year those many more to come.

I also hope that you had a good Easter as well.

Take care, and I hope to see you back in Oz sooner rather than later.

You like football/soccer, right? Next Wednesday: Adelaide United vs Seongnam Ilhwa. Show Aussie pride on Anzac Day! Where is Seongnam, by the way?