Thursday, February 15, 2007

Food For Thought... I mean, Emotions.

I have a lot of time off these days while waiting for my new job to start, and I've been watching a lot of day-time TV. The topic on Oprah the other day was about the weight loss. I've always felt (literally) that certain food cravings (like chocolate) were related to mood (chocolate helps anything), but what about these:

* Meat could mean you're angry
* Sweets (chocolate) might be a sign of depression
* Ice cream might mean you're anxious
* Salty snacks could mean you're stressed
* Pasta might signal loneliness or sexual frustration
* All of the above might mean you're just a little bit jealous

Funny - it doesn't say what a craving for kimchi means. Oh, wait a minute - there's no such thing...


Tom said...

I dunno, Ang, I eat all those things because they're good to eat. Pasta especially - a good putanesca - mmmm mm.

By the way, did you know I can read your blog from work, but when I try to post a comment from there it says, "The WebSense category 'Sex' is blocked."

So there you go.

Ang said...

craving something is different to just liking it, or 'feeling' like eating it a particular night.

and I mention 'Sex and the City' in some of my posts, so that's probably why it's blocked.

Aubrey said...

Oh, Ang's blog is really getting scandalous. I want a blog that gets blocked, too! No, just kidding.

I think sometimes food replaces that which we don't have. Like, I've heard chocolate is a substitute for love. Um, not a good sign for us, Ang.