Friday, February 02, 2007

Changing Lanes at Meteroric Speed

What is ahead of you on the highway of life one day may change in the blink of an eye the next and I seem to have veered into oncoming traffic this week.
Until just 7 days ago, certain career issues seemed set, and I spent much time and thought planning for what would come after the certainties. Now the resulting plans A, B and Cs are useless.
On Monday I was told that my school was closing and Februrary 28th would be the last day. Meaning, I would need to find a new job before then. So, I spent Monday through Friday searching the job scene of Busan, and saying goodbye to my faviourite students, some of them changing schools before I even had that opportunity.
Today I was told "You're last day will be Tuesday because the students have left" and I was sent by my director to another director (a friend of his) for a job interview (under slightly suspicious circumstances, which I will not elaborate on as it would take too much explaining, but it was nice of him, anyway, and I went; but I won't be taking the job).
I now have two weeks to find another job before I will need to be looking for a new place to live.

Things have changed so quickly, I'm still processing what happened on Monday.


Sacha said...

Hey Ang!

We missed you at group on Sunday. You have been having a lot of change these days. I hope that in the end it will be a healthy new space for you where you are valued and appreciated. If you need a job there's always an opening at my old school. It really does rock!

Love ya sister,


Anonymous said...

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