Thursday, December 07, 2006


When I rise
full of love
for life and laughter
and the me that I am
love will meet me…

When I rise
above my own neediness
and frustrated tears
and allow myself to be warmed by the Son
love will shine on me…

When I rise
past prayerlessness
desperate hopes
sleepless nights
and wondering why I’m alone
love will wrap me in it’s arms…

When I rise
beyond sacrificing who I am
mistreating my heart
and giving my affections
too freely to the ungrateful…

When I rise
accepting scraps
when I crave a whole slice of cake
reaching for carrots
that are merely mirages of together forever
accepting other’s rejections
as a validation of my desirability…

When I rise …
oh, when I rise,
when I rise above it all
my wings will carry me
to a place called faith
and deliverance
a place where
the lies whispered in the dark
must flee
in the face of such intense light…

for this is the place
where God is
and love dwells
for God and love are the same…

and as I rise even higher
chains snapping from my heart
my mind
my soul
I soar even higher
carried on the wings of love itself…

Yes, I rise
and love kisses me deeply
even so sweetly
and whispers
I’m home….

(author unknown)


Sacha said...

That poem is really nice and peaceful. thanks for writing it. I enjoy the phrase with, when I rise from accepting scraps....It's very true.

Have a great day soaring like an eagle.


Aubrey said...

That's really great Ang. Where'd you find it? I'm glad you posted it.

But just one question: what's "Peotry"? ;)

Ang said...

A friend gave it to me about 10 years ago. I found it in a miscellaneous file on my computer the other day.

Aubs: hehehe. ahhh, the perils of typing quickly.

Ghost Particle said...

great poem!

Liz Mc. said...

love it.