Friday, November 10, 2006

Reasons For Not Enjoying Something

In one of my favourite classes today, I was teaching them a basic converstaion structure which went along the lines of

A: "I went to [a baseball game; see a play; see (insert name of movie); etc]."
B: "Did you enjoy it?"
A: "Yes. It was excellent."

Each conversation was supposed to end with "Yes. It was excellent."
My favourite kid (I've mentioned him before) came up with:

FK: "I went to see a play".
B: "Did you enjoy it?"
FK: "No! It was boring, too noisy and the characters ugly!! And craaayzeeee!"

Well, after that, the baseball players were ugly, the actors were ugly and even the person they went to the country fair with was ugly - and none of these events were enjoyed.

Captain Converstaion Class. At least my kids enjoy my class!!

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