Monday, November 06, 2006

Cold Enough

The weather tonight has reached the point that's about as cold as I like it to get. It being only November (and the beginning of it, at that) does not fill me with eager anticipation for what the weather will be like in December. Or January.
It makes me long for the steamy days and balmy nights of summer, caramel frappucinos, and the crowd-less post-beach-season sands of Songjeong.
It does not make me think of Christmas (or Peppero Day - something more cultural and sooner to be celebrated), which, this year, seems to have crept up on us with the slowness of the bullet train in China (it's faster than the KTX).
It makes me think of people back home, getting out the BBQs, beer-o'clock (as opposed to the winter wine-o'clock) becoming more frequent, welcome, earlier, and enjoyed outside.
It makes me remember wearing un-embarrasingly similar jeans, cammie and thongs as Em, and walking down Rundle Mall.

It's like an Adelaide winter, and I feel like any day now, the shortest day of the year will pass, heralding the weather for playing cricket and frisbee near The Pad at West Beach, and for wearing my fabulous Thailand skirt to work again (and for frappucinos - caramel, of course).

But since winter has only just begun (and many people would argue that it's more like fall - aka autumn), I have to settle in for the long haul through the season that makes me sometimes sad and often lazy. However, I can think of many inside-and-warm-places to be, things to do, and people I love to do them with.

I hope we at least get snow.

Captain Cold. If I have to be this cold, it had damned sure better be a white Christmas.


Aubrey said...

I think you should start fabricating your own snow. Three (miniature) snow falls in two years. That's what I've seen. But here's to hoping!

And to ameliorate our winter distate, hot chocolate at my place?

Queen of the Squirrels said...

Two points:
1)I have decided that I don't like Frappucinos. Starbucks opened in Adelaide just a while ago, and I dont't like it. Or the Frappucinos.

2)I'm not wearing thongs at the moment, it's too cold in our house. Instead, I wear ugg boots! I am wearing Jeans and a cami, though :-D

Miss you, girlie.

Ang said...

well, yes - substitute uggs for thongs in the colder weather, but since it's getting to be summer there as it's getting to be winter here, it makes me think of last Christmas when I was home enjoying summer is said attire.

Ang said...

Aubs - a hot choc repeat is a must.