Friday, September 15, 2006


Thrash Bus II: Clone of the Thrash Bus. An epic action-adventure featuring The Pad Crew of Adelaide. Since an exclusive viewing of the TBII trailer and final filming in July last year, Cast and Crew have long-awaited the first news of its release, now rumoured to be in early November. This film looks set to stand alongside the likes of The Emporor's New Groove, The Boondock Saints, The Castle, and other favourites in certain bookshelves (or, in Rodney's case, his DVD bookcase).
Details for the Adelaide premier are yet to be confirmed by Producer/Director/Actor/Cinematographer/What-Else-Am-I-Forgetting Rodney Twelftree. On the International front, Camera-woman Angela Eckermann is planning screenings in Busan, South Korea, while there has been previous speculation that Actors/Thrasher Extraordinaires Warwick Twelftree and Andrew Newman would further the International release in China.

Thrash Bus II: Clone of the Thrash Bus; coming soon.

Captain Cinematographer/Movie Reviewer


Aubrey said...

Excellent! Save me a ticket; after hearing you talk about this little activity for so long, I want front row seats. And chocolate. Always chocolate.

Fernby said...

Aaaaaaaaange, you forgot to let everybody know who was in the picture.
For the record, from left to right:

James Ward, Warwick "Box" Twelftree, Kiah Street, Poida Rogers (thats his hand and hat behind our hero Ang), Angela of course, Rodney Twelftree (Director), Gail Newman, Nick Abbott, Andrew Newman. Please note exuberant attitude and enthusiastic demeanor towards the conclusion of filming Thrash Bus II.