Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Stupid Kids

I'm sorry, but he is. Scott's in an advanced class, but he's just thick. We were studying the forms "can", "could" and "able to". There was a simple question based on a short story and all he had to write was "yes, he will be able to" or "no, he won't be able to". I explained the question to him, and explained the two answer options. He wrote:

"Yeh, he saved I be can to save you I be able to always beat."

Need I say more?

Captain Frustrated, who feels sorry for the other boy in the class (Louis) who just happens to be brilliant. Louis is finished the whole page before Scott finishes one question, so he draws for half an hour while I help Scott.


Anonymous said...

I suspect that, even were I drunk and/or under the influence of psychotropic drugs, that would still not make sense.

Good luck to you...

Dear AL said...

Is this thing working?

Damn Blogger Beta!

Dear AL said...

"Yeh, he saved I be can to save you I be able to always beat."


How can this kid be in an advanced class?

Did you beat him with a stick?

Dear AL said...

Ang, I had to preview my comment first to be able to post it here.

I'm gona stay with old tried-and-true until Blogger works out these Beta bugs.

Ang said...

Being in Beta is really annoying. I've found I can' t comment on non-beta blogs :(