Friday, August 04, 2006

Sauna Does Not Compensate For Overdoing It At The Gym

After spending the day shopping in Seomyeon (which will not mean anything to you if you haven't been there) with Gina (a Korean co-worker), I came home to no plans. I could have made some, of course, but after a dinner of a fruit smoothie, decided to go to the gym. 14kms of bike and treadmill later, I went up to the spa (in the same building. It's kind of a joint operation with the gym). Because the gym is under renovations, members get free use of the spa at the moment, and I don't think I've taken enough advantage of that yet. Anyway, after showering and soaking in a brown-coloured spa, I went and had a salt-scrub in the sauna. After rinsing off, I soaked in a green-coloured spa, debated (and decided against) doing a few laps of the 10-meter pool, and spent some time in a cold bath with bubble jets aimed at your back, thighs and calves. Very nice.

Clubbing next Friday is already tentatively planned, but I'll argue (depending on the mood I'm in) that my night tonight was just as good a way to spend a night.

Captain Soreness. My muscles ALL hurt, despite the spa. And I have to get up in the morning to go to the post office - Em, I think the poster has arrived!!! :D


C─âlin said...

Damn right! Curse that evil penguin :p

Queen of the Squirrels said...

mmm... except that I haven't posted it yet.

Sorry. I've been heaps slack, getting back into the Uni groove. It's just not groovin'.

J said...

woah, that's healthy

Ang said...

Em: yeah, it wasn't the poster :D it was Invader Zim DVD's.

J: good to see you back again!

dd said...

Ahh I'm so envious! The spa sounds lovely!