Monday, August 28, 2006

Corn? Corn?!?

The other day at work we had what they (the Korean teachers) called a "summer festival" with the kindy kids. Basically, we were just making fruit salad. I thought: "cool". A nice way to use up a lesson I wasn't particularly inspired to teach.

Apparently, tomatoes are not the only vegetable considered fruit in this country. The "fruit salad" (I have to use quotation marks because I'm not sure the label fruit salad can accurately be applied in this situation) consisted of apples, bananas, yogurt (and I do realise that Australians and maybe others will think I spelt that wrong while the Americans will skim over it with no thought whatsoever) tinned fruit salad (all fine, so far), carrots and corn. When we (I) asked "why" about the last two, since they are not fruits and I thought I could make a case about innacurate teaching, I was told "because they are good for you." When asked if I wanted some, so emphatically declined, stating that corn and yogurt together was "just wrong".

I suppose I really shouldn't have been so suprised. Koreans put corn on everything and when ordering pizza, you have to specify "no corn" in the same way you have to specify "extra anchovies" back home - it's just not "normal" for them to leave the corn off.

Captain Corn-is-not-a-Fruit and Pluto-is-a-Planet


Queen of the Squirrels said...

Ok, that's seriously weird. Who eats CORN on a pizza???

I'll have to try that some time :-P

Green Lantern said...

Well, definitely not vampires! Scarecrows, maybe?

Ang said...

Em - nooooo!! stay away from corn pizza. It's evil, I tell you.

Colin - only a Korean scarecrow.