Monday, August 14, 2006

The Book Is Tired. And My Washing Machine Is Loud.

Oh, the joys of ESL teaching! One of my 'advanced' classes (the kids are in about grade 5)started a new book this week. Their previous book would be a strong contender in the "Worst ESL Book in the History of Printing" awards (there was even a grammatical error on the cover), and I was quite excited about starting the new one. When I walked into class, the first thing I was told was "Tee-cher! The book - it's tired." Being the brilliant translator of Korean Kids' use of English that I am, I said "You mean: 'the book is boring.'" "Yes, tee-cher. It boring. " Another kid piped up, opening the book and waving a hand over a random page, "The pictures - no colour." Well, we began the Tired Book, and I'm still looking forward to teaching it. There's a tonne of new vocab (I got stumped with a few of them - I can't remember them at the moment, otherwise I'd give you an example), plus, I'm going to get them to keep track of their reading speed (words per minute). It may not win first place in "Best ESL Book in the History of Printing", but it certainly wouldn't be considered an entrant in the "WESLBITHOP".
Plus, the sun was shining today, and tomorrow is a holiday! Happy days!!
My washing machine is cleaning the clothes I put in it when I got back from the gym, and it still isn't finished - I'm sure it's doing it on purpose. So I'm going to watch Friends (second season), and hope that the cycle ends soon, because I want to go to sleep. But there's always sex & the city (fourth season) after Friends if the stupid machine refuses to stop rinsing and spinning.

See - here is a photo of my clothes being held hostage.

Yay!! Tomorrow is a holiday! I have to find something to send to my 2-year old niece for her birthday. I miss my family tonight.

Captain Hungry. I'm trying to go on a diet, but I haven't eaten anything since that caramel frappucino on my way back to work after lunch.


Tom said...

Reading spead? READING SPEAD??? *sigh*

Ang said...

ok ok, so I didn't do a spell check. It's been changed.

Queen of the Squirrels said...

Is the washing machine demanding a ransom? Or is it trying to make a political statement, free of the capitalist mindset plaguing our world?

Guess who spent four hours at work reading random books in the returns room...

Aubrey said...

I know, I know. These washers are ridiculous. It reminds me a lot of the Korean work ethic in general: long hours, seemingly busy, but little to show for it when finished. It is in the truest sense a Korean washing machine.