Thursday, July 06, 2006

Am I Being Unreasonable? I Don't Think So

I'm thinking of giving notice at work. In the last few weeks the job requirements have reached ridiculous proportions.

First, they put our lesson plans (in my case, monthly lesson plans for 7 classes, bi-monthly classes for two classes as well as our usual weekly plans for two kindy classes) and evaluations (like report cards) all due in the same week. At the same time, they told us that we now needed to do daily evaluations for our kindy classes. So I write exactly the same thing for Kitty Math and Smurf Math and Kitty Science and Smurf Science for every child (eg: shapes review; excellent. how plants grow; excellent). I write it once, copy it , and paste it 11 times. It doesn't take a lot of time. I can get it done in seconds. But it is utterly meaningless and pointless, which, for me, is annoying and irritating, although I try not to let such a little thing get to me.

Anyway, on top of that, the week after the plans and evaluations were due, I had to do open classes for my two kindy classes; basically a huge performance class to show off to the parents.

Not surprisingly, I got sick (major ear infection) and stressed.

I breathed a sigh of relief when my open classes were over (I had them last week), thinking, like the gullible fool I am, that things would go back to 'normal'.

A fool, indeed.
The list this time (springed on us on Tuesday, I think) includes tests for our elementary classes (I have 7), Storytelling Competition for the same classes, and a Composition Competition for another 2 classes, all due at the end of the mont. I don't mind it so much, because we use class time to practice for the competitions. The teacher (and the fierce independence streak) in me objects in a screaming protest to being told what, how, and when to teach things, but ok. I can do this story thing. It'll be a good waste of class time.

But I don't want to waste class time. For the most part, I love my classes and care about my kids. I know them, as individuals, very well by now; all this is something that my lecturers and mentors continually remarked upon through uni. It is something that set me apart and had the kids in my prac classes still talking about me a year later.

Anyway, where was I. Mmmmm. The list of crap. So, besides preparing our kids for tests and wasting our time with these f***ing competitions, the straw that may break the camel's back (read: Angela will resign from a job for the first time in history for reasons other than having no time between her other job and uni) came today.
Apparently the "boss", who spends all day sitting in her office, has now said that we are not allowed to sit down in classes. We immediately protested and were told it would be ok to sit for a little of the class (like 5-10 minutes) but wouldn't you know, when we went back to our classes the "teacher's chair" at the front of the class had been removed. Luckily I was in a class where we all sit around one big table, so no chairs had been removed there, but in the other classes - yep. You really HAVE to stand up. And this for me goes too far.
Sure, I know haegwons are generally pains in the arses, only caring about the Won flowing in; not about the kids or the teachers, but ... I will NOT have these idiotic, baseless, and ridiculous ... rules ... IMPOSED on me!! I am a bloody good teacher - sure as heck better than 90% of the idiots who get teaching jobs in Busan (I happen to be friends with people with me in the top 10%).

As I have said, it's getting ridiculous. Things are being piled on, and it is senseless. I do not sit down an awful lot in my class anyway; most of the time I am writing on the board, moving between desks, leaning against the board ... I'm standing up for nearly the whole class. But to be denied even the option of sitting.....

So, do you think I am being unreasonable about this whole thing? Are the demands of my "boss" (whom I have actually only seen once, and I'm quite sure wouldn't have the foggiest about teaching), within reasonable bounds of the requirements of a job? Should I accept it and continue with the job?

I tend to think not (to put it mildly) but would love to hear any comments. Also, if you know how to discredit a school on the internet, I'll accept all suggestions as well (I might tell them tomorrow that I'll get them black-listed).

Captain Seriously Annoyed and Frustrated, who ate half a tub of Caramel GooGoo Icecream after work today. All that running at the gym for nothing.


Tom said...

I would develop non-specific back, hip or leg trouble and then sue the school. They will not even fight (if their lawyers are any good, anyway) - the case is open and shut. Under Australian law, anyway - not sure about Korean law.

Aubrey said...

This is SLP crap in its purest form. Wierd... it's like a carbon copy, really. And you're right, your boss has NO idea about teaching. One day he said, "hmm... what's a good way to make a little money?" and opened up a school. He has NO idea, but will continually impose senseless rules, anyway. Let's talk. I'll call you. Aub

Dear AL said...

Angie, I don't want to see you out of a job, but screw these idiots! Life is too short!

Wait till you're in Australia before you try to discredit this school. Hope you didn't threaten them, because you never know what these people will do if they're all about money.

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Ang said...

Tom, I'm not so sure that would work. The legal system in Korea can be pretty screwed.

Aubs - ta, for everything!

Al, I'm going to get out of it if I can. I haven't threatened them yet, and, no, I probably won't discredit them completely while I'm in the country.
If you google "Calritz", though, on the second page (I think) you get my post with the chicken cartoon entitled "A Calritz Contract".

DayngrGirl said...

Screw them! The sad part is they are running you off and the ones who will suffer and the kids. Why do teachers always get treated like 2nd class citizens? I say pay the sports stars the teaching salaries and the teachers the sports star salaries! Can we get some legislation on that? Yeah, ok, there I go dreaming again.