Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thoughts at 3am

Well, I'm awake after one of those annoying nights where you dream about work. I was re-living classes I had today (well, yesterday), mentally re-checking my evaluations and lesson plans, re-having conversations with co-workers... the list goes on. I hate these nights. I feel like I get no break from work, and it exhausts me.

Anywho, it's about time I posted again, anyway.
I've been meaning to post more about the World Cup. Obviously, I was very excited about Hoju's win against Ilbon :D And then there was the game last night - Korea vs Togo. I tell you - Koreans (including the children) have been going nuts about the game. I have to admit, I was going for Togo (being the underdog) for part of the game (especially when they scored the first goal), but now that Korea's won, I can't be that disappointed; afterall, if they make the finals we'll (hopefully) get a day off work! Plus, in every class today (yesterday) I was able to use a good 15 minutes of the class talking about the World Cup in general and the Hoju vs Japan and Korea vs Togo games in particular, especially with my advanced class (and Louis, who spent most of the class doodling soccer fields on his handout).

In other news, I'm getting a care package sent to me from mum and dad. This is almost as exciting as the World Cup. Thanks to Aub's "getting to know you" email I just read, I've been reminded and added a block of dark chocolate (Old Gold - macadamia nut or almond) to the list. How I could leave it off at the beginning, I don't know. I guess having jaffas and timtams on the list made me think I had the chocolate part down. Silly me.

Captain Going Back To Sleep, posting again in the early hours of the morning.

**Edit: 4:13am** Captain Commenter. Where would I be without Em's blog?

**Edit: 5:09am** Captain Wiget: unable to sleep and drooling over Mac OS X Tiger. Mmmmmm, dashboard...


Liz Mc. said...

oooohh, chocolate.

um, when are you getting this care package? ;)

Dear AL said...

I love dark chocolate! How could forget that? HOW COULD YOU?!!! :(

Been keeping tabs on the Wold Cup, not saying who I'm rooting for! ;)

Aubrey said...

Glad to be of service. I've already got my shopping list started for when I go home. Funny. Half of the items are chocolate. Go figure.