Thursday, June 29, 2006

Synonymous with Singular

Two boys (they are actually my favourites and at the top of the class) in the class I wrote about the other day seem to think my name is synonymous with the word "singular". Whenever I say "singular" (as in, "this is a singular noun"), they chime up with "sing-gu-lar... ang-ge-la... sing-gu-lar... an-ge-la".

I wonder if they really know what they are saying, or if they just like the way the two words end in the same letter blend.

Captain... Uh... Single.

1 comment:

Aubrey said...

Nice. Just start worrying if they begin singing Kim Jong Il's "Ronrey" to you.
I love the "captain single" name. I'm considering creating my own country with a similar name. We're looking for citizens. Care to come?