Friday, June 09, 2006

I Want To Go Hoooooome!!

It's 7:10 and I have 20 minutes before my last class of the day. My first class was at 10:50 and other than my lunch break, it's been one class after the other. Of course, it's like that for all of us most afternoons, but today I'm really ready to go home. Wine calls.
I should be using this time to write evaluations, grade tests, write at least one of my many monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly (tri-fortnightly annually quad-termly) lesson plans, prepare for my class (now in 16 minutes), or even make a shopping list, but quite honestly I can't be stuffed. I am supremely tired, hungry, brain dead, and tired (did I say tired already?)
I have checked that my neopets have been fed (Blood Type B is fine, and Capshida is hungry. I tried to get some food, but the store was out of stock), and checked most of my blog list. I was delighted to see new posts from Tom, Aubs and Liz, and disappointed to see no new post from Rodney (does anyone know where I can find a haddock?). Em had no new post, but that's ok because I know she'll have another one there soon.
On the topic of blogs, I am proud to say that I seem to have as much influence over people in Korea as I did in Adelaide. Certain people here are suddenly gaining a renewed or new interest in blogging! Em, our plan for World Domination is underway!!

O.K. 10 more minutes to kill.... Actually, the computer's clock is wrong. According to the clock that controls the bell, I have 15 minutes! That stupid bell-clock is slow. Or else, every other clock in this place is wrong. It really stuffs you up when you're teaching (well, now it doesn't because I'm used to the bell being "late") and all the kids start protesting "teeaach-errrr!!! be-elllllll!!" to let you know that you've gone overtime, even though you obviously haven't. Speaking of kids, in one of my beginner classes today we were talking about people and they had to draw a picture of someone and write "This is my (mother/father/brother/sister/friend/teacher). His/Her name is ___". Well, one of my kids drew me (hilarious picture!) and wrote my name in Korean. He wanted to check the spelling, so I wrote 엔첼라 on the board. The kids "oooooo"ed and started clapping. They said "teeaach-errrr!! Good Kore-an!!" and when I said "kamsahamnida", they nearly fell off their chairs and clapped some more. Very Funny.

Well, this class (9 minutes to go) won't be that good, but it's Friday, and being the last class of the day you're not checked up on, so I figure I'll just play a game for half an hour of the class. (It just occurred to me that workmates now have this blog address, but you won't say anything will you ;) Lisa... Kosta... Ken...?)
Anywho, I'm bummed that the school doesn't have a proper scrabble set; I was Scrabble Queen at Pukyong. But UpWords will have to do.

Well, thanks for wasting time with me.

Captain Whose Brain Is Elsewhere. If anyone finds it, pease call 010 3037 8232.


Queen of the Squirrels said...

Nwa. Ha. Haaa....

Ang said...

You just posted, didn't you!?! I'm there!!

Aubrey said...

Maybe you should create a to-do list...
At least you're fulfilling the title of your blog!