Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bad Things Happen In Sevens

... or maybe more. This is my list of things that on their own aren't so bad (some of them), but all at once... well, you'll get the picture.
  1. I forgot to take my trash out, so my apartment smells like very ripe bananas.

  2. The elevator doors squashed me this morning.

  3. Australia lost to Italy in the last 5 seconds of the game I stayed up late to watch (and I fell asleep in the last 5 minutes, so missed the ending live, anyway).

  4. My ear infection is getting better, but hasn't cleared up completely, so I still feel like I'm talking and listening to everything underwater. At least I'm only taking three ibruprofen a day now, instead of the 10 ibruprofen and 10 panadol I was taking each day (along with antibiotics) last week.

  5. I ran out of wine. note to self: get some more.

  6. The magnets keep falling off the backs of the flash cards I had to make for my open classes coming up. (Have now fixed that with double-sided sticky tape.)

  7. Have found out that one of my classes know many of my verbal idiosyncrasies VERY well. Have found out I seem to say "oh, my goodness!!" a lot. Good thing I can laugh at myself; it was one of the funniest classes I've ever had.

  8. I'm hungry. Where's Kosta with my dinner?

  9. I've been told three times to dress up for my open classes tomorrow. So not only do I have to plan a performance class, I now need to plan an outfit.

  10. I'm tired and I think I'm rambling. Not unusual for this time on Friday night.

  11. Oh, wait. It's not Friday yet. How can the week only be up to Tuesday?

  12. Yep. Definitely rambling. Have forgotten what this post was supposed to be about. Means I'd better go.

Captain Yawny, wondering if she can stay in this rolly chair and get someone to push her up to her class. They could use the elevator....


Aubrey said...

I think being out of wine should have counted for at least three ominous signs.

Ang said...

well, I still have the white shiraz in the fridge, but being out of red borders on disaster. Must stop off at 2001 on the way home.

Queen of the Squirrels said...

Your life Is sounding dangerous. If it makes you feel better, I'm posting *that* poster to you tomorrow. Do you still want painkillers? I might post you The Strangerhood on a CD too. It's very entertaining, and it's even in the right format for iTunes.

Ang said...

mmmm... *that* poster....:D

Ghost Particle said...

i can definitly relate to the 1st one. Rotting banana...and the smell doesnt go away for a long time.

And Italy lied in getting that penalty. Buggers. Wish Kewel played.

Ang said...

Ghost!! I haven't seen you around in ages! Good to see you back.

The banana wasn't quite rotten, so I've escaped the weeks of smell. And, yes, you're damn right about Italy. We were robbed! Robbed, I tell you!!

Ang said...

did I say I burnt my toast as well?