Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pretzel Girl

I've started going to a yoga class, confirming that I am indeed inflexible, with a big butt. At least compared to some of the Koreans. Korean women have no butt. Honestly, I haven't had a butt that small since I was about 12. The instructor kept telling us (my Canadian workmate and I) to pull our butts in, and we tried telling her "it's in!!" to no avail.
The instructor was also using a girl with double-jointed elbows and hips as a model. It was nice to see that I wasn't the only one not able to turn myself into an inside-out backwards pretzel. The pose I call "triangle with a tumour" wasn't so bad (could still be a smaller tumour), but the backwards pretzel (actually the same thing as the triangle-with-a-tumour, only backwards/inside-out) was just imposible. (unfortunately, I can't find a pic of either on the net).

Captain Cookie; in-pretzable, and writing (as is not terribly unusual) at 3:40am.

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