Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Korean Food: Kimbap

I had kimbap for lunch (and dinner) today, and when I mentioned it to Em on chat, she told me to blog about it, so here goes.
It's basically a rice roll. It's one of my favourite Korean foods. You can buy one for W1000 (about AUD$1.30), so it's pretty cheap, too (one is plenty for a meal).

Well, here are some pics.

It has rice (obviously), carrot, egg, ham, and two other veggies I have yet to satisfactorily identify; all in all: delicious.

Captain Kimbap. "Hana kimbap, chuseyo."


di said...

mmm I want one!!

Queen of the Squirrels said...

It looks suspiciously like sushi... Tasty!

korean_turte87 said...

not sure about the brown one, but the yellow thing is pickled daikon radish. its called "Dammuji" its really good

Ang said...

di: they are good.
em: it is like sushi
turtle: I thought the yellow one was the radish. ta.