Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kindy Excursion: The Outback Steakhouse

After a night of terrible dreams (which for some reason included the whale Moby Dick, BNL songs, knitting, ironing, and a femenist debate), I arrived at work and departed on an excursion with Ken and Kosta (two of the other foreign teachers here) and three Korean teachers, along with 11 7-year-olds. We went to the Outback Steakhouse. For those of you unfamiliar with this restaurant, it is an American chain with an American sterotypical and idealised Australian theme. It was two hours before they officially opened, but we were let in, led to a private room, and sat down. We (Kosta and I; being the Austrlians) entertained the kids by naming Australian animals, showing them the koala on the coaster, and then we rescued by a Korean waitress who gave the kids (and us) a tour of all the memorabilia on the walls. A papermache kangaroo that they waved to ("Why are we saying hello?" one smart kid asked. "It isn't alive."), landscape photos, a Ned Kelly portrait, a picture of shearing sheep, and of course, pictures of kangaroos and koalas. They also go to touch a stuffed crocodile (I think it was really an alligator, but they called it a crocodile).

There was also an ABUNDANCE of boomerangs, and Fosters and XXXX posters. I liked the sign behind the bar that said "Bar not to be used as a bed after hours".

Anywho, after the tour we sat down, helped the kids make their own salads, and ate the salad. Then the teachers sat at another table and ate prawn pasta, cheesy fries and chicken salad while the waitresses gave the kids chicken and fries and entertained them.

All in all, a great way to spend a morning (ie: not teaching), and quite a nice morning tea.

If I can get copies of some of the photos, I'll post them up.

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