Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Two Days To Go

Well, the countdown counter is wrong.

Anyway, with two days to go, I'm cleaning the car (Henry) today in preparation of selling him. Well, mum and dad will do the actual selling, but that's besides the point. I can't believe how dusty he was. You could tell he had been up to the country a few times from all the grass and wheat seeds in the boot (that's the trunk, for you Americans) and the fine dust trapped in the seels around the boot.

Had my computer HD upgraded to 80gig yesterday and it took a bit of mucking around to get it set up again. Thank goodness for dads who are MacAddicts.

Had a nightmare last night that I was arrested at the Korean airport for not having a proper passport. It was better than the other dream I had where I forgot to pack (see below), and a lot shorter than the dream I had the night before about loosing my luggage between here and Japan. (actually, that dream was weirder than the spy one, but I can't remember it in detail. From what I do remember of it, I have the most bizzare imagination).

I need to go into town tomorrow to pick up some of that hand gel stuff that disinfects your hands as it evaporates.

I haven't started to pack yet. Looks like it will be a late night tonight and tomorrow.

I might go lawn bowling with dad again tonight. We'll see.

I took 6 garbage bags of clothes and stuff to the Salvos (salvation army for those of you not from Australia - it's a charity). That's one more thing crossed off the list.

Tomorrow will be my last day to blog before I get internet sorted out in Korea. Let's hope that will happen quickly.

Thanks for reading this far!!

Captain Countdown. It doesn't really feel like I'm leaving in 39 hours


Tom said...

After all your moans the other day about stupid bloggers who don't know the language, you might like to check your use of the apostrophe in this article.

Ang said...

wow! I think that was the fastest reply I've had to a post. I was proof reading it.

yeah, I picked up a few myself.

I'm having a feew probs with my keyboard; it's not letting me delete/backspace very easily. so i'm letting a few mistakes sliede. (oops). and my curser is doing stranve things, too. it's marking halfway through the word I'm actully typing, which makes it hard to see what character I"m actually deleting. And when I do delete something, every second letter I delete remains there, and every third letter I delete half the letter remains on the screen, until I type over it. It's making typing very difficult.

I wonder if I disturbed Henry's ghost when I cleaned him, and so it 's decided to inhabit my computer.

Dear AL said...

Have a safe trip, Ang!

Hope your ball has perfect legs tonight, if you go lawn bowling!

I'll patroll the Blogesphere for ya for spellin misteaks, while your gone!


WendyWings said...

Safe travels !!

I think we got all the mice or at least the traps were empty this morning lol.

Indigo said...

How exciting! I hope you speak Korean ... and I certainly hope your dream about being arrested doesn't come true.

I'm here via Wendy! Cheers!

shirley said...

Safe trip!!