Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Neice, The Cutest

Quotes of Esther, age 18 months:

In church, said to another child in the chreche who was crying: "Well, arn't you are naughty boy".

In church, said to a bloke sitting next to them (a big guy, with tats and obviously not too thrilled to be there and looking like he feels out of place): "G'day mate" (bloke smiles; his day made).

At home, dropped a grape on the floor: "oh darn".

At home, singing along to Colin Buchanan: "baa baa baa".

At home, talking to Auntie Ang: "abggiblle lagaa mmbe ggelmdabldalbldmebdlamnblo iblbbleiiab!! agbblelagge mmgable". (ie: talking so fast you can't understand what she's saying).

Captain Aunt; just say awwwww.

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shirley said...

Well, I certainly hope you corrected her grammar! :)