Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's Got Perfect Legs

These last few weeks I've been spending my Tuesday nights doing something I never thought I would. At least, not before retirement. Dad's 'night owl' (from 7-10pm) lawn bowl team was short a member the last two weeks, so I filled it.

Never having even held a lawn bowl before, I'm actually pretty good, even if I do say so myself, and my dad. (I know you'd think 'yeah, he's your dad. He has to say that', but you don't know my dad. If I sucked he'd tell me so - nicely - and never let me on his team again unless a life depended on it (ok - that's a slight exaggeration). I take "you bowled just as well as the other guy on our team, and a lot better than some of them who've been playing for 10 years" as a pretty high compliment, coming from him).

Anywho, I hearby present you with

"Angela's Guide To Some Lawn Bowl Terminology"

  • "It's got good/perfect legs": the ball is rolling well, and will reach the jack.
  • "It's got good weight": perfect legs will also have good grass and be a good weight. It's the amount of force behind the roll.
  • "It's got enough grass": rather than refering to the majiuarana supply, this means that you've sent the ball wide enough to curve back around towards the jack. Because lawn bowls are weighted on one side, you have to send them out to the side, so that the natural curve they take will finish as close to the Jack as possible - you roll it out to the left and it will turn right. If you bowl too narrow, you don't take enough grass, and the bowl will go past to the other side of the Jack.
  • Jack: the white ball you're trying to get closest too.
  • The Shot: the ball closest to the Jack and the end of the End.
  • End: you roll all the balls to one end of the field, then you turn around and roll them back. This equals two "Ends" (most games are 6 or 8 Ends).

Captain Crackerjack, not having perfected the actual 'crackerjack' yet, but holding her own with some good legs of grassy goodness, and actually getting shot once.


Fernby said...

You are not going to believe this, but I actually watched Crackerjack last night.
How weird is that?!

Helen said...

I've never even heard of lawn bowling but I've got to say it sounds like something I would try! I wonder if its anything like bocce ball. Good for you for giving it a try and helping Dad out!
Say No to GMO'S

apositivepessimist said...

*cackle*'s a bit small but it's saying "i poke badgers with spoons"...tho i quite likes sponges!!.

ooer them lawn bowlers would certainly tell you if you were crap...some of them can be quite erm crusty aye...*grin*

...jus me said...

Hi Ang,
I love your blog, and I'll tell ya, if I ever have to sub on a lawn bowling team, I atleast will know the basic terminology! Thanks!
Glad you popped in on my new blog "in my jammies". I have polar bears on one of mine My daughter has sponge bob! Oops, forgot, those were her husband's that she was stealing at the time!

Dear AL said...

You left out one Lawn Bowl terminologly, "It got the Groundhog": What happens when you strike some fool with your bowling ball who happens to be standing behind you, when this fool should be sitting in their hole waiting their turn!


If you email me a Gmail Invite, I'll kiss your feet, just as long as they're clean!

Ang said...

fernby: :) that kind of thing happens to me often!

Helen: lawn bowls is a LITTLE like bocce, except you roll the ball instead of throwing it.

positive pessimist: :) I thought "sponges" was funny. Looking at it again, I guess it does say "spoons". From the pic, it could also be a "q-tip".

jus me: you pic up terminology pretty quickly when it is in context.

Al: invite sent. Yeah, I know there is more terminology. :)

Dear AL said...

Angie, I made that one up, but you are more than welcome to use it if you crack somebody in the head!

Thanks for the Gmail Invite! Kissing away! I'll sign up for it later when I'm home on my computer!

You made it on the most exclusive blogroll on the Internet! Mines!

Ang said...

Al: I've heard a pretty strange one to describe when you hold the ball the wrong way and it rolls outwards instead of inward. Also, if this happens, you have to shout everyone a drink - most people are pretty careful to hold the ball the right way!!