Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Irritants while Surfing

Why on earth can't people spell? And why can't they use an apostrophe correctly?

Yesterday was double credit day on BlogMad, so I spent what time I had at home clicking the next number and making an assessment of the blogs in the 25 seconds they give you before you can move on to the next blog.

Besides quite a few credits, I got quite irritated. People, LEARN THE BLOODY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "THERE" AND "THEIR"!!!

While you're at it, learn the difference between "your" and "you're" as well!!

There are a ton of other mistakes I saw repeatedly, but this post would go on too long.

Captain Shoots and Leaves - (play the game); Irritated by Ignoramuses.


Nahuatl said...

Hey... Nobody cares for grammer on net.. English is not exceptional language! :D

But if it is a serious article you are reading, then proper use of words is preferred. But then.. who cares (except readers)?!! :D

shirley said...

I agree - I stop reading blogs when bad grammar or spelling distracts me! I just get so annoyed. OMG - love the Eats, Shoots & Leaves game - how did I go so long without this in my life?

Fernby said...

BAD GRAMMA IS NOT AS BAD AS SPELLING MISTOOKS. and typing in capitals is just annoyance. ppl shld lrn not 2 type like their sms-ing on they're mobiles.

Anonymous said...

I know the diff between there and their, and your and you're, yet, when I read my posts often find an error, so it would be nice, to stay more than the 25 seconds and leave a comment, don't have a proof reader, wish I did. Also make this mistake: teh, don't ask me why, never did before, usually catch it an correct it. (alyceclover)

Ang said...

Typing errors are different to spelling mistakes. Hitting keys in the wrong order or leaving out a letter every now and then is acceptable. It's when people write like they haven't passed second grade. Besides "there; their" etc, the other one that people get wrong is 'alot'. A LOT is TWO WORDS!!

Spelling difficult or unusual words incorrectly doesn't bother me. I'm no paragon of English. It's getting teh basics wrong that annoys me (and see, I just did the 'teh' thing myself).

Rodney (fernby):I use capitals for EMPHASIS and yes, wrting lke ur sms-ing =bd

Tea said...

"There are a ton of other mistakes I saw repeatedly, but this post would go on too long."

That's my main pet peeve. People that consistently write HUGE posts. And no paragraph breaks. That bothers me more than spelling.

So kudos for keeping your post short.

Ang said...

tea: I don't like long posts, either.

marie b. said...

I agree.

In fact, I wrote a post exactly about this not long ago.

Queen of the Squirrels said...

Sometimes posts have to go on though. Such as me, when I'm pissing on about some irritating point of philosophy from my classes.

Finally, there are more grammatically anal types out there.


Rex Ferric said...

The one that always bothers me is mixing up "its" and "it's", but the others annoy me, too...

Ang said...

nayan: true, not everyone cares. I do.

shirley: I found the game by chance!

queen (em): I know you know I know you are as pedantic as I am.
yes, sometimes long posts are warranted. But if I come across a blog for thee first time that has a huge post at the top, I'll usually skip it. So it depends what I'm posting about and why.

rex: yep, that one annoys me, too!

joe said...

I'm often not paying attention to what I'm posting, if I did I'd probably have to stop.

Its the 1337 crap that really gets my blood boiling, I dont like to have to translate while trying to read what would otherwise be english.

Typos are the bane of my existence, and while I have a decent vocabulary and generally spell correctly, the typos slip right by me more often than not.

My all time most ridiculous mistake?

You have bad grammage!

My friends still bug me about that one, and who can blame them?

joe said...

Also, I'm far too lazy to make my blog pretty like yours :)