Wednesday, March 15, 2006

In Other News

Things I Didn't Get Around To Posting This Week

  • Myth Busted: Whatever you have heard and whatever you believe, Corn and/or Carrot does so NOT appear everytime you chuck no matter what you have eaten.

  • A**holes and Other Morons: This includes (or rather, this specifically refers to) my recruiter and the rig marole I've been to to get my bloody Visa and organise the official side of things to get over to Korea. After chucking my guts up on Sunday, my recruiter calls Monday (a public holiday here in Adelaide!!) to tell me that Korean Immigration did not accept the copy of my degree that I sent over in order to get an Issuance Number before being able to get a Visa. Thus, I would not be able to get a work visa before I am due to leave on March 30. I spent the rest of Monday and Tuesday during work stressing out and about to tell the said Morons where they can shove their job. On Tuesday arvo, I talked to the recruiter once again, and things have once again been sorted out. I'm back on track to go to Korea, even if it isn't the orginal track I started on.

  • Intricacies Of Getting A Work Visa To Korea: I should write a book or something.

  • Cooking For 50: At work (child care centre) this week I subbed for the chef. Cooking for 40+ kids (aged 7 months to 5 years) plus staff was interesting. Making 7 loaves of bread into sandwiches while packing the dishwasher and cutting veggies for salad...All in a day's work.

  • Doing A Double Take: Something that has just come to my attention while watching the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games is that my Grandma looks like John Howard. This is not a compliment, and thus, I did not share this thought out loud with my parents.

  • Captain Newsy News. Newsing because she hasn't been posting.


    dd said...

    Thank goodness everything worked out with going to Korea. I would have been out of my mind worrying.

    WendyWings said...

    LOL your poor grandmother, did you notice how grumpy the Queen looked as well.
    Glad you got the Korea stuff sorted out :)

    nicole said...

    Jebus, cooking for 40 kids??? My hat goes off to you because I'm afraid to cook for ONE.

    Probably a good thing I don't have any yet. ;)