Saturday, March 25, 2006

I just woke up...

... after one of the weirdest and longest dreams I've had in a long time. It's one of those times where you wish you could video your dream.

While I can't remember everything, here is a breif rundown.

I was some sort of spy who somehow ended up at a black-tie ball as a slave with a crush on one of the men. I managed to escape having a boob job forced on me, and ended up at the ball in a gorgeous dress on the arm of my crush.

Still a spy, I was (as needs to happen in these situations) being chased by my enemies at midnight. I managed to retrieve data I was collecting in the line of duty (it was in some sort of office building. My recording device was two portable CD players attached to an amp and sitting on a glass coffee table in the foyer of the building). Well, I managed to grab one of the CD players, dodge 2 bullets, run down a few hallways and into a room filled with my supporters and my crush. I quickly gave instructions for my crush (also a fellow spy) to get the remaining CD player with the incriminating data on it, kissed him goodbye (he was going to join me in Korea later) and ran out the door to get in a bus to take me to the airport to go to Korea (so THAT's why I'm going to Korea). I realised halfway to the airport that I had forgotten to pack, so even though I told myself I was in a dream and it really didn't matter, I got the bus driver to turn around so that I could pack, even though my enemies were still after me. Oh, and I think I had a son, but he didn't play a very big part, so maybe I didn't.

I'm not really sure what happened next.

Something else that happened in the dream (I was still a spy, but maybe retired at age 30): I was sitting on a porch of a farmhouse out in the country. I was with maybe three other people; I think one of them was my crush, but maybe not. We were star-gazing, and the stars were doing very strange things (but we didn't think they were strange in the dream. Just interesting). First of all, very large stars kept shooting across the whole width of the sky, from left to right. Another group of stars couldn't seem to decide what formation they should be in, so kept moving around in thier little space in the sky. Besides the odd other shooting star, and one that might have been a UFO (it moved in unnatural ways), the other stars were normal, and typical of what you can see out in the country/outback in SA.

so, any dream interpreters out there?

Captain Spy, hoping to finish the saga and see if she can finish her mission tonight.


Maritza said...

I didn't inherit my dad's psychic powers (not kidding!) but it sounds like maybe you've been watching "La Femme Nikita"? Or maybe you've heard that Hollywood is looking for a new James Bond and maybe it's time for a JANE Bond! Good blog!

Cody said...

That one sounds a little more fun that mine last night. I got killed by one of the aliens from the Alien movies. Not fun.

Thanks for stopping by. Anf for the record, I don't like JLH for her acting.

joe said...

Dreams where you're being chased are the most common dreams, its universal. At least that's true within the human family, and watching my dogs sleep makes me think they have them too.

We live in a hectic world, and if we arent chasing some nebulous goal, it seems we are running at breakneck speeds at times just to stay with the pack, and those of us who feel the need to stride out front work even harder.

The subconscious is a minefield, and keeping a dream journal can be a good way of charting a safe route, it forces you to confront those images and think about them. The next time you find yourself in that situation, you react differently, and you might even learn something.

To share a bit of weirdness, I used to have lots of chasing dreams, flying dreams and trapped dreams. That all changed one day on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale. I had a siezure and drowned, not exactly a good day at the beach, lol. Since then, I have had not one single chasing or trapped dream, though I still find myself soaring over mountains and fields. That was admittedly only 3 years ago, but I have noticed the difference.

I'm not sure that really means anything, perhaps simply a change in brain chemistry due to the seizure, drowning and subsequent lack of oxygen.

Just thought I'd share and say thanks for stopping by my blog :)

shirley said...

Whoo - nice dream! Dunno what it means, but you should sell it to Hollywood and make a cool movie out of it. LOL - I like the idea of Jane Bond!

Ang said...

I didn't comtinue the dream the next night. I don't think I've ever had a dream that continued. I've had repetetive dreams; they are usually at least a few months (or years) apart, though).

maritza: thanks for stopping by

cody: yuck. I once dreamed that I was being stabbed in the side by a madman. I woke up just before I died with a stitch and muscle spasms in my side.

joe: weird. flying dreams tend to signify freedom, whereas trapped dreams are the opposite (I would assume). thanks for visiting: come back sometime!

shirley: hahaha I don't think I could be Jane Bond. I wish. I have a lot of strange dreams. I really wish I was able to video them while I have them.

dd said...

I love when I have dreams like that. I wish I could remember every part of it.