Friday, February 10, 2006

Yay!! TV!!

Some of my favourite shows are coming back to TV! I usually find most of what is on, especially during the day, frivolous and a waste of brain cells. In Korea I watched the movie channel (it was the only one that was in English), and I watched maybe 3 1/2 movies in 4 months.

But I also can't deny that I love vegging out in front of this form of entertainment, and now that I've been stuffed around with getting a visa, I have a lot more time on my hands.

Anyway, it was the series return of NCIS the other night. I had missed the season finale last year, but anyone who has followed it or seen the ads knows that one of the main characters (Kate) was knocked off in the finale. This year's season opened with a short recap of the shooting, and followed on with the "next day" type of thing and the remaining characters reactions to the death.

Now, none of the characters were actually crying in any of the scenes.

I was.

Not bawling or anything, but there was definite excess salty fluid in my eyes. It was so sad. These people had lost their partner and their friend. They missed her, and things weren't the same without her. I think using the whole "imagining her standing in front of them and talking to them" highlighted the fact that she was gone and emphasised the hole that she left within the group. Something I thought the producers did particularly well was that when each character was imagining that they were seeing Kate, she was dressed differently, depicting each persons impression of her and how they saw her in life. Very clever. Very interesting.

Other shows that I really like are CSI and Medium. Also a new one that has me hooked is Supernatural. I'll also watch Desperate Housewives if I'm home. And I LOVE House.

So, what are your favourite shows? What are the ones where you'll be likely to tape it if you can't be home? (If anyone says they would pass up a hot date in order to watch something, I will hunt you down and tinker with your brain until you get your priorites straight).

Captain Serial, loving the English TV!


Nahuatl said...

*sigh* I am so busy tht I dot get time to watch tv anymore :(
I miss the cartoons :PPPPPP

Emily J said...

ER-it's the only TV show I really like.

Sugarsharrk said...

We have similar tastes. I love NCIS, CSI, House. I will have to look into Supernatural too. Oh and I love those crime shows and reality shows.

Fernby said...

I quite enjoy House, Apartment, and Granny Flat, but my favourite TV series is the one where the Hoff drives the cool car that talks.

And I like movies a little as well.....

Tom said...

This is soooo unfair. I saw the headline, thought I recognized the two on the left, and nearly died of ecstacy... THE LATE SHOW IS BACK! Sadly not to be.

Ang said...

Only "just a little", hey Rodney?

The Late Show? Can't say that I actually remember it clearly, but I'm a big fan of 'The Sketch Show' from the UK.

Also, Whose Line Is It Anyway, but that is hardly ever on, and when it is it's on at 3 in the morning.

Barbienan said...

Hey me too used to watch ally mcbeal and some movies in all possible languages when I was in Korea...Now i have option of seeing deperate housewives in Hungarian LOl..Never know when I will watch English actually understand what it is..