Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Wedding: Random Quotes and Anecdotes

Em (while having lunch with friends): Look, I have a metwurst in my handbag!

Em (while giving directions to Ang, who was driving): Don't worry. I'll give you detailed distructions.

Em: turn left. Towards the pretty shiny thing.
Em: turn right. Away from the pretty shiny thing.
Em (later): Turn towards the pretty shiny thing.
(I'm going to have another pwiddy shiny thing tomorrow!!)

Richard: Remember, you need to order a taxi for tomorrow morning.
Em: I know. A 13-11-66 taxi.
Richard: I don't think Pizza Hut deliver taxis.

Things said repeatedly on Friday and Saturday by Em & Ang:
"Mmmmm... Pretty shiny things!!"
"I'll have more pwiddy and shiny!!
"Shiny, shiny goodness!!"
"I get to wear a pwiddy dwess!!"
"You get to wear a pwiddy dwess!!"
"I'm wear-wing a pwiddy dwess!!"


Well Emma Murphey is now Emma Muhlack. After all the build-up to the wedding, it's kind of hard to believe it's been and gone. Friday was just an insane day for Em & I, running around here there and everywhere. Neither of us slept particularly well Fri night, and we spent the first hour or so after we got up at 5am bemoaning how tired we were and laying around semi-catatonic in Nadia's loungeroom till we had to start the rounds of make up. (I should add that the taxi driver that took us from Em's to Nadia's looked at us a little stragely when we got into the cab in our PJ's).

But after we got dressed (pweddy dwesses!!) we were much more awake :)

It was a beautiful day - perfect weather, gorgeous dresses and flowers, lots of laughs. I think it all went really well, and being Em's Maid of Honour was great; being in the wedding party was a lot more fun than just going to the wedding, but then, Em is a best friend, so it was great to be able to share the day with her & Richard.
The speeches were great; those by Tom (the Best Man) and Richard filled in the other side of the "how E & R got together" story for me :D I found it very funny.

Anyway, congratulations, guys!!



Fernby said...

Ahhh, weddings. I love them. I love it when people get married. Reminds me of when I got married. Ahh those were the days....

Hey, they still are the days.

Anyway, Ang, i think your photos were great. How are the ones Lisa and I took for you? Hope they turned out okay.

Ang said...

They are the ones you and Lisa took for me. Remind me to burn them for you.