Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ambiguous Ramblings. a.k.a. 'Life Is Like A Pacman Game'

Lying in bed, trying to sleep. The mind does what it has a tendency to do: float around and through the issues encountered in life, connecting the unconnected.

The mind starts off by making list of things needed to be done in chronological order: collect degree, get issuance number, get visa... It envisions the dark alleys and maze of streets and corridors reminiscent of 'Underworld', a movie watched that day. The phrase 'Life is like a Maze in a Mansion' overlays the scene. The 'things to do' become entities; a swirl of fog, a person, a sword. Scattered around the Maze. Needing to be found, the mind sees the layout from birds eye view; it can see where the self is, and where the tasks lie. But there is also the overlying necessity of time pressure; the tasks need to be found in order and there is a time limit. In the maze, the mind can see the location of the tasks, but for the self - in the maze, it is frustrating. Feeling lost, and not knowing which direction to take and worried about how long it will take to find/complete each task.

This scene, running through the mind of the one trying to sleep, quivers and changes. The phrase 'Life is like a Maze in a Mansion' also morphs into another: 'Life is like a Pacman Game' and the scene changes accordingly. Now the tasks take on the form of cherries and whotnot, appearing in order and with a time limit to obtain/complete each one. The self (the pacman) again needs to move about the maze, this time with the advantage of both the mind and the self seeing the maze from above (the path therefore clearer), but having to also dodge the 'evil pacmen'. The unconnected is woven through the new scene, and I drift off to sleep with the sounds of 'wacka wacka wacka wacka wacka' accompanying the self moving through the maze as pacman.

Captain Tired Rambleness, yes, my mind is very strange


Green Lantern said...

Okay, what did you have for dinner last night...? Pacman? Fozzie Bear?

D'ya think this might just be related to your situation at this present time, huh? It's either that or your nuts. Note the technical psychoanalytical term I used there...

You're walking down a hallway. You take a left. You keep walking. You take a right. Then a left. Brick wall!


Yeah, he's tweaked.

- courtesy of "Family Guy".

Ang said...

That's nothing. I once dreamed I was part of the "Supernatural" team and we were hunting this guy called a "dust man". He was made of insects and dust and could fall apart and disappear.