Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Reflective Meme For The New Year

(I don't remember where I go it. Sorry to whoever I stole it from)

20 years ago, 1986
The year I turned 5 and started school.
I wore new shoes and I had a bright pink back pack (we're talking being able to find me no matter where I was lost from a mile away) that was about half as big as I was.
My favourite toys were my Care Bare, My Little Pony, and my brother's Transformers.
Nothing else of importance happened that year, as far as I was concerned.

Four years later, we went to PNG.

10 years ago, 1996
The year I turned 15. 9th grade. It was a year when my friendship group became a lot closer. Don't really remember a lot of it, just odd random things.

7 years ago, 1999
Graduated from High School at the end of the year, and moved from PNG to Australia by myself. 2000 was not a particularly good year for me.

5 years ago, 2001
Began studying Children's Services. Decided to do a two-year diploma as I didn't want to be locked into a four-year education degree.

3 years ago, 2003
Having graduated with my Diploma, I decided to go ahead and do the Degree.

Last year, 2005
Started blogging.
Went to Korea.

This year, 2006
Will be bridesmaid for Em in February :)
Will return to Korea for work in February.
Will, unfortunately, not be able to be bridesmaid for Anne in March.
Would like to meet someone to spend some time with in Korea ;)
Will continue to blog.

Next year, 2007
May or may not stay in Korea for a second year.
Will most likely be bridesmaid for another friend, Mel.
Will most likely continue to blog.

Ten years from now, 2016
Would like to be married.
would like to have kids.
Would like to be living in a nice city (like Adl) with said husband and kids.
Would like to still be teaching (and enjoying it).
Will most likely not be blogging, as I'm sure technology will do some weird thing and blogging as we know it will no longer exist. It will probably be some sort of ESP blogging.

Captain Relective Meme, taking a stroll down memory and future lanes (not very dedicatedly, though, as I am also watching 'Die Hard')


Nahuatl said...

Sad.. what will happen to guys ready to blog till 2050??? :(

Rex Ferric said...

Personally, I prefer Anna Nicole Smith's classic ripoff of Die Hard entitled Skyscraper to the original (despite Anna's complete inability to suspend our disbelief that she can singlehandedly defeat the terrorists) for three main reasons:

1) more sex

2) the villain in Skyscraper is *way* more over-the-top Shakespearean

3) the obligatory gratuitous Anna-in-the-shower scene

(but hey, maybe that's just me...)

Ang said...

Nayan - I'm sure I'll be blogging for as long as the internet (or whatever the 2050 equivalent will be) will allow me :)

Rex - I've never seen Skyscraper, and I'm sure I'd prefer the orginal Die Hard :P

Green Lantern said...

Ah, Die Hard. The yardstick by which all other one man vs the bad guys in a confined space big blow em up action films are compared. It's one of my all-time favourites. :) David Hasselhoff did a similar film. Probably only worth watching for a good chuckle. ;P

Fernby said...

I hope, somewhere in your busy social schedule of the next few years, you find time in there to attend Movie Nights at the New Pad?