Saturday, January 07, 2006

the one where Ang Falls Through The Roof

I decided that it was about time I started sorting through all my stuff to sort out what I would take to Korea, what gets left here for when I get back in a years time, and what stuff gets given away, etc. I'm starting with the pile I have stored in mum and dad's attic, bringing it down bit by bit.

Today I decided to bring down a big bit. I loaded up a laundry basket and stuck a box of clothes on top. Then made my way towards the attic door.
Well, I couldn't see where I was going very well, and my foot slipped off the walkway plank, into a space between the beams, and the gyprock underneath the insulation decided that it was not going to hold my weight, and gave way to allowed my foot (followed by my leg) to continue its journey downwards.

I ended up with one leg stuck underneath me (caught on a beam) with the other leg sticking down into mum and dad's wardrobe below me (up to the butt) with a pile of clothes on top of me.

Mum and dad heard the great big crash and came running up to help me extricate myself, and check out the huge lump and graze the size of my hand already formed on my thigh.

I've spent the last two hours on the couch watching Monsters, Inc with a cold pack on my thigh in an attempt to reduce the swelling (which it hasn't done, much).

Captain Pain, hoping she at least comes out in a great big bruise so she can blog about it.


dd said...

Omg! I'm surprised you didn't break anything, or did you? I hope you are okay.

Ang said...

no, didn't break anything, luckily. I've got a great bruise from it, though :)

Chick With A Gun said...

I am so sorry that I missed this...I hope you are doing better now! As I catch up on my reading, I am sure I will find out!

Fernby said...

Gee, it was a big bruise wasnt it? Got a photo of it really black and disgusting? Hope not, coz thats a photo I'd rather not see......