Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Like Sand Through The Hour Glass...

Time is relentless. Why does everything take time? I think we should have an 8-day week (which would mean an 11-month year, or thereabouts). This would give us three weekend days. But that still wouldn't solve my problems, as nice as it would be. I go back to Korea on the 13th of Feb, and I feel I have so little time to do what I need to.
I had to pay for my tickets today. This meant going into my emergency account yesterday to withdraw $$ to deposit into my regular account today so that I could then go and pay for the flights (today being the last day to do this). I now have $10 + change (and a bus ticket with three trips left on it) in my wallet and $48.97 in my regular bank account until I can do some more juggling of funds.

Because I banged up my leg, and couldn't really walk for two weeks, I lost all that time. Then last week, I could walk ok again, but it was bloody hot, so I spent the time inside drinking ice coffee and watching taped episodes of Whose Line Is It, Anyway (a simply hilarious show. I wish I could get it on DVD), House, NCIS, and other titbits (thanks, Mum - not that you'll read this, but anyway). I think I went through about 5 8-hour tapes.
Also, my brother was over from Sydney, so it was nice to spend some time with him before I leave for a year.

Anyway, back to this topic of time.

Did you know that on December 31st 2005, a leap second was added by the world's official timekeepers. Since 1972, 22 leap seconds have been added over the years. 1972 was when timekeepers started using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). UTC ticks off time in atomic seconds--each of which is equal to the time needed for a cesium-133 atom to perform 9,192,631,770 complete oscillations.
UTC is also coordinated with Greenwich Mean Time, in which the length of seconds varies slightly, depending on how long the Earth actually takes to rotate. In recent years, Earth spun a bit faster than it had been spinning--hence the lack of leap seconds. But the Earth's rotation is gradually slowing down, so in the future a leap second may be added every year.

These seconds don't do a whole lot to solve my current lack-of-time problems, and writing this post hasn't solved the problem, either.

Captain Hungry, who has not eaten since 7:30 last night, since she had to skip breakfast this morning before having a blood test, which was before going into town to pay for plane tickets, and then hasn't eaten lunch because she was reading her Daily Blogs and posting... Therefore, due to a low blood sugar, she really doesn't know what she has been saying. But this happens often, low blood sugar or not.


Richard said...

The Dali painting is a nice touch :-)

Chick With A Gun said...

yes, I agree about the Dali painting.

Also, did I miss something? Weren't you going to have surgery for your leg? How is it doing now? Now I am all worried! Hope you are well! :)

Ang said...

I actually nicked the pic from a newsletter I subscribe to: Knowledge News. The leap seconds where one of the topics in one of their newsletters a few weeks back.

And update on the bruise is now posted. Thanks for asking, Chick.