Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Chronicles of The UBER BRUISE... An Obituary

What became known as The UBER BRUISE began on a saturday afternoon in early January, 2006. It quickly took over most of Ang's thigh, and was the topic of interest of many a conversation and blog post.
Over the course of the first few days of the life of The UBER BRUISE, Serendipitously Procrastinating chronicled its transition through varying colours and increasing size.
Friends had fun gawking at it, and joking about what to stab it with. Although Angela allegedly plotted its assasination (think: Angela, in the Kitchen, with a Chopstick), these plans never came to pass (and therefore no conviction can be upheld).
Dr opinions varied, although all called it "impressive" or a similar adjective. At one stage The UBER BRUISE looked set to undergo surgery, but the Dr advised otherwise (upon pain of increased risk of infection) and Angela had to continue to live with it (it was at this stage that the threats involving a chopstick were made). The Dr Which Ang Did Not Believe advised at the stage of consultation that it would begin to get better within 10 days, and so it has.
Thus, The UBER BRUISE will soon be but a distant memory of pain and colours, but will live on, documented in the January posts of Serendipitously Procrastinating. Although the hematoma remains, it, too is fading.
And so we say goodbye....

And Celebrate!!!!!

Captain Chronicles, contemplating a second career writing obituaries for a newspaper....

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