Monday, January 16, 2006

Chronicals of The UBER BRUISE ~ Day 9

Sorry there has not been another post for so long. My internet was up the creek.

**Warning: The content of this post contains photos and scientific content that may be gross, uselss, or boring to some viewers. If you feel this is you, go search my archives for whatever interests you. Like pirates. Or Llamas.

Well, the bruise is migrating. Since a bruise is just a whole lot of blood that leaked out of capillaries and into surrounding tissue, forming a clot, and it is actually not really confined by anything; just trapped under skin. So, when you get a big one, gravity starts to take effect on the clot before the body can re-absorb the dead blood cells. The lump (hematoma - simply a whole lot of blood that has clotted in a lump) is also still prevalent. Although uncomfortable, it just causes a dull ache. The body will naturally break down the clot and re-absorb the material over time, but because mine is so big it could take a few months, and cause other complications.

So, I'm going to go back to the doc on Monday, and probably go into surgery to get it cut out. Which really screws up my plans, because I'm supposed to be planning a Hens Nite (invites to go out by Tues) and had planned on going honeymoon-underwear shopping with Em on Mon or Tues. Sorry that I have to break plans again, Em :(

Anyway, to make things worse, I had some sort of pack thing on my leg last night (can't remember exactly what it was suppose to do - just something the doc recomended), and I had an allergic reaction to the tape used to secure it to my leg. Also, the tape ripped my skin a little when it was pulled off. So now I have the whopping bruise and hematoma on the outside of my thigh, and stinging skin on the inside. I'm not exactly having a good run of it at the moment, am I?

Well, now to what you have all been waiting for. Pics.

~ Day 7 ... let's compare it to ~ Day 5 ... and ~ Day 3

Captain Hematoma, who has an injury even doctors call "impressive"


Queen of the Squirrels said...

for goodness sake, put it out of its misery.

dd said...

OMG! I hope it doesn't grow a head or anything. What are you going to name it if it does??

Ang said...

Well, it's not necessarily what to name 'it', but what names I have aquired because of it. Like Bruise-Girl. Or, as my brother now refers to me: Leg-Girl.

The bruise has almost gone. But I'll be stuck with the hematoma for a few months. Good thing my bridesmaids dress is loose-fitting over the legs.

dd said...

Thank goodness its going away.

Rich D said...

That's the most impressive injury i've seen in a while...
get well soon!

Chick With A Gun said...

Wow, I am sorry I missed this. I feel really badly for you! :(

Ang said...

It was a goodie, wasn't it?