Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Chronicals of The UBER BRUISE ~ Day 5

**warning** the following content may be considered extrememly gross by some viewers. Lack of sensitivities recommended.


~ Day 5

~ Day 4; ~ Day 5

"Let me see that again"
"Holy Crapberries"

I went to Em's for dinner last night, and throughout the night Lochy made various comments about puncturing it with various implements, such as Em's knitting needle.

I did go to the doc, who attempted to aspirate it, but nothing resulted. I'm on antibiotics, but if it doesn't start to get better by Fri, I'll have to go to hospital. :(

Captain Colours, adding black and yellow to blue and purple


Richard said...

i bet it would have worked if lochy had used the knitting needle... :)

btw, i like the green llama

Nahuatl said...

Aww.. doesn't it hurt? :-{

Ang said...

richard: very funny. and thanks for noticing the llama. I'm not exactly sure how many people really get that I have a llama called green dress. I guess not that many people know the lyrics of "If I Had A Million Dollars" off by heart and inside out.

nayan: yes, it's very uncomfortable. I hope it goes away soon, but until it does, it's an interesting thing to blog about :)

Queen of the Squirrels said...

Ow, Ow, Ow. and EEEEEEWWW.

Love ya.

christa said...

That looks like it HURTS.
DO go to the hospital because that's not normal for a bruise, ya know.

I'm finally back btw and will link you from my blog. Oh...and the name of my blog btw is AwfulSouls. The name you've used was just my title on the thread at BM forums ;)

Ang said...

Em: yep. exactly. And, love ya, too. See you Sunday.

Christa: right - link fixed...(or at least it will be soon. Blogger seems to be acting up tonight). Thanks. And thanks for stopping by.

I'll live. Will post more pics in the next few days

dd said...

Oh my god! That's some bruise!! Jeez!!! I hope you don't have to go to the hospital!

Chick With A Gun said...

That looks aweful! You poor thing!

Ang said...

It is pretty bad! But interesting... And colourful!