Monday, January 09, 2006

Chronicals of The UBER BRUISE ~ Day 3

OK. So this may be just slightly gross, and it certainly does not show my leg in the best light (literally - the lighting was really bad. Both too dull and too light - hense the differences in the photos). But when you have an 'owie' (I visited my neices today!!) this great, you have to show it off somehow.

~ Day 1; ~ Day 3

~ Day 2; ~Day 3

The bruise is now turning yellow. And yes - this is a true photo. It has not been photoshopped in any way - It does cover the ENTIRE side of my thigh.

Captain Won't Be Wearing Bathers Without Shorts Anytime Soon.


Ghost Particle said...

Whoa! Pain!!!

Ang said...

you're telling ME!!

Chick With A Gun said...