Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Sleep Associations of My Brain

I did eventually get to sleep. Interestingly, I found that I had to start my "sleep mix" from the beginning like I always do. I had tried to start it from the middle, and my brain wouldn't accept it. So, after writing the post, I played it from the start and was asleep within three songs, like I always am.
The only problem is that I am inevitably re-woken sometime during the night when my brain decides it's relaxed enough and doesn't want the music anymore, and needs to wake up enough to send messages to my hands to close the computer and remove the headphones. Sometimes this happens after only 8 songs or so. Last night I listened to the whole playlist (about 2.7 hours) before I regained conciousness enough to press stop and remove headphones.

Just thought I'd share.

Captain Chopsticks, who hasn't had very much sleep, but is able to stay in bed for another 40 minutes! YAY!!

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Green Lantern said...

And relax! Aah! SNORE!