Thursday, December 22, 2005

Prepare the drumroll and fanfare......

Will she... Will she... I think she is... It looks like it.....




The asshole didn't even give me a glance as she exited the room for the last time (slamming the door as she left).

Oh well. I guess she didn't want to ruin her 3-month no-eye-contact-or-exchange-of-communication and door-slamming record.


Ok, Ok. I know how the above stuff must sound. Bitchy. Maybe I even sound Assholish. Maybe this isn't exactly the right place to be writing this, but this moment has to be documented somewhere.
In so many ways I feel really sad about what happened. We seemed to start off on really good terms, but things got shakey, and ever since this incident (which I still have no idea what she was upset about) she has continuously refused to look at me or speak to me, no matter what I did. She went beyond simply ignoring me. She was a deliberate bitch at times. For about a month after 'the incident', I tried to re-establish communication, and figure out how to draw her out. After a few weeks, I gave up. There is only so far I will go for people who treat me like shit.

I feel like I have lived in hell for the last three months. NEVER have I met people who treat others that they live with so appallingly, and with so little consideration and respect, no matter how little they actually like each other or get along.

(I'm not the only one. Sera had a rude, door-slamming roommate from hell as well.)

It is now officially over. And emotions are again catching up with me. For the most part, I dealt with with it when I had to live with it (and not always in a passive way), but when I think about everything that has happened in this room in the last 4 months.......

I'm now going to turn out the light, enjoy the silence, and go to sleep. I've already cried (so that's out of the way) while writing this post and processing the fact that I have survived and no longer have to endure living in a lonely hell-hole, I now have the room to myself, and will soon be back under the same roof as people who actually give a jot about me.

Captain Emotional (and still tired); going to sleep for the first time in a long time without the need for an iTunes sleep mix, headphones, and an eye-mask.

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