Friday, December 09, 2005

It's Raining Job Options

I apologise in advance for this post. I doubt it will be coherent or eloquent. It is just going to be me getting my thoughts down to try and get it clear in my head what is happening so I can think logically about what to do.

O.K. You remember how I had that job opportunity that fell through? Job A? I found out a few days later that it is NOT a good school to work at, so I wasn't too upset, except for the fact that now I had to kind of start from scratch, since Recruiter B was not getting back to me. I did my own searching for jobs, but most of them you had to go through a recruiter for, or they were for teaching adults and high-schoolers (I'm trained for kindergarten and elementary, so that's what I'm going for), or the job began in December (and I'm not available to start until Feb). So there seemed to be a lot of jobs, but just none that suited me. And since Recruiter B seems to be dilly-dallying..... I contacted a few more recruiters I found on the web. The ones that seemed to have the best jobs on offer.

I heard back from one of them (I'll call her Recruiter C) with a job contract, in the area (read: location/suburb) I wanted. But the details were, um, missing. There was nothing about what hours the job was (as in start and finish time) or what it paid. So I wrote back and asked for these details, but haven't heard from her (it's been about four days).

This morning I received a reply from Recruiter D. No job offer or contract; simply asking if I would be willing to work in areas I was reluctant to work in. I haven't replied yet.

Tonight after I got back from dinner with friends, I received a reply from Recruiter E. Not a contract, but a job description. Right area, ok pay; overall seems like a good job.

So, now I have:
Recruiter B: no job offered, but is the one I trust most (since he was recommended by someone, and not just found on the net).
Recruiter C: contract offered, seems like 'great' job, but I still have lots of questions about it because of the lack of specifics given to me.
Recruiter D: no actual contract or job, but asking q's of me.
Recruiter E: 'pretty good' job offered.

In some ways options scare me. I'm a strange mix of being the type of person who likes flexibility and at the same time being the type of person who likes the future planned and set.
Maybe I don't like these big decisions because the consequences of this decision could be very bad (but they could also be very good).

I'm not asking advice this time (although if you want to give it, I'll gladly accept it). Like I said before, this post is mostly just to help me get these options sorted out and put on paper, so I can think about them more clearly (and a good sleep wouldn't hurt).

I think I know the option I will be pursuing.

Captain Chopsticks, facing the future head-on.


Nahuatl said...

Nice! You got some nice options.

All the best!

IdentityMIA said...

Best of luck on the job hunt. It can get pretty messy.

As to your comment: I have all these chips and lots of money and stock and I have no idea what to do. Is there any way I could give you all my stuff or as much of it as I can? I'm trying to junk all of it on someone so it's not just sitting there collecting dust. LOL.

Ang said...

Thanks, guys. I hope something will work out.

identitymia: I've replied in a comment on your blog.