Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Countdown and Other Random Thoughts

24 days to go.

found out that the school I had a contract with (Job A) that fell through is a notoriously bad school to work at.

have become addicted to a new online game - Hexagone.

might have eaten dog today. not sure.

am going to a trivia night this sunday.

hate not having my own room. my usual ploy of listening to music (through headphones) and covering my eyes with a headband so that I can block out the light and sounds of my roommates is not working tonight (it's 2:30). think I am also getting sick of listening to my "sleep mix" everynight (playcount on the songs in the playlist range from 58 to 103).

Captain Chopsticks, just wanting to be able to fall asleep in the dark quiet.


Fernby said...

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep my sleepless one.
Being in Korea, you should be able to find plenty of new music to put you to sleep...? shouldn't you?

Ang said...

Actually, cheap music is not that easy to find. Neither are cheap DVD's. They are averagely priced, and a little cheaper than Aust, but nothing compared to what you can get on the black market in other parts of Asia.

Green Lantern said...

I'm utterly hopeless at going to sleep while listening to music. My problem might be the choice of music.....


Better than caffeine.

I wonder what dog does taste like....

Not that I'm wanting to have some, mind you.

Ang said...

I used to be the same. I couldn't sleep unless it was totally quiet. But I've gotten used to the music out of necessity, and it's all really mellow stuff. Now it seems that I can only get to sleep by listening to certain songs in a certain order

Ang said...

And I'm not sure it was actually dog. It was called sweet and sour pork, but it most definitely was not pork. Or chicken.

Queen of the Squirrels said...

That game is evil. Evil, I say. I don't like it any more :(

Ang said...

yes, but did you complete all the levels? You'll be back. You know it.
I can't give it up until I win!!!!!!