Monday, November 07, 2005

The weekend where Sunday did not exist

This weekend was a long one.
I woke up at 6:45am on Saturday and took a trip out into the countryside with about 30 other people to visit a temple.
We also visited the location site of a Korean War film, and a dam.
Saw some absolutely amazing scenery, what you could see through the fog and smog. The mountains were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, and that includes PNG!! It was more foggy than smoggy, and there were lots of different coloured leaves. The Japanese Maples were especially brilliant.

What was supposed to be a three hour bus ride home took more than 4. The English speakers (the Aussie exchange students and two of the Canadian teachers from the uni) sat in the middle of the bus and we ended up doing some pretty strange stuff to amuse ourselves. Among the most interesting was putting a water bottle in the aisle and playing a version of fooseball with it, and cheering when the driver changed into 4th gear (after k's and k's of being in 2nd and 3rd).

We got back at about 8.20pm.

Then Sera and I got ready, and went out to party. Leaving at about 10, we went to drink grape soju, then went to a club - JG's, and then to another club - Vinyl Underground (also called The Banana because of the pic on the sign out the front).

We drank, we danced, we partied, we met lots of people.
And we left the club at 7am on Sunday.

My first all-nighter in Korea!!! After we left the club, we made sure one of the girls we met got a taxi home, and I yelled at a drunk Kiwi guy who was following us (THAT was a lot of fun!! :) I'd danced with him ONCE during the night and he seemed to think that that gave him permission to ask to sleep on my couch - yeah, right, asshole!! Think again. I gave him a lesson on what it means when as Aussie Chick (especially one that is slightly pissed) tells a guy to F* off).

Sera and I got back to the dorms at 9:30 - while most people were in the caf eating breakfast. I put my stuff in the line for the shower and concked out on top of my bed for 3/4 of an hour while I waited for the two people ahead of me in the shower line. I can't sleep properly when I feel that gross (unless I'm camping), especially in my own bed.
I slept on and off for most of Sunday, woke up for dinner, and went back to bed at 7pm.
I had to get up early this morning (mon) to do laundry - meaning - I got up at 5am, put my washing on, went back to sleep until 6:30, hung my washing out on the line, went back to sleep, and got up at 8 for breakfast. Why did I get up that early? I had no time during the day (Korean class at 9-11; English Cafe 11:30-3; Teaching 3-4), and since there is only 1 washing machine for over 40 girls, there is usually a line for it. You have to do laundry at rediculous hours to get it when you want it.

well, that's it.

Captain Chopsticks, the Fiercely Bitchy (but Funny) when Annoyed by Drunks

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