Thursday, November 24, 2005

I Miss My Cupcake

It's getting to the stage where, now that it is 98% certain I will return to Korea next year, I am dying to get back to see my friends in Australia.

I was reading Zim quotes last night, and it brought back a lot of good memories. (I'll have to get the series, because no one here - Americans included - know what I'm talking about when I say "oh, my bees" or "I don't know").

Anywho... back to returning to Korea. I'm counting the days before I return to Australia, because not only do I miss people more than I've almost ever missed friends before, but things with the job situation are moving and changing rapidly. Where I thought I would have a good month and a half in Aust before returning, that may not now be the case. I may only have a few weeks in Australia before returning.

Now, before you have a heart attack about how on earth I am going to be in the wedding, Em, if I'm now returning to Korea in early Jan, let me explain.

It's long and complicated, but please bear with me. I need advise (from all of you, even if this is your first time reading my blog).

Here's the deal. At the moment I have a job contract to work next year (I'll call it Job A). NOT SIGNED, but I have an interview with the manager on Saturday. Lots of questions to be asked (from both sides), but they are pretty much ready to hire me tomorrow. The job seems ok, as far as Hagwon jobs go. Maybe not the best that there is out there, but ok. I found Job A because one of the english lectures here (at the uni) from Canada introduced me to his girlfriend (Korean) who works at this place. The teachers they had are at the end of their contract and leave mid-Dec, so they are looking for replacements.
Now, the school wants me to start work there ASAP, but I don't know how this could work out, though, as I don't know what I would do with my return ticket I have from the scholarship (to return to Australia on Dec 26). It's all so complicated (but this is one thing that will be discussed on Sat).

In other words, this is what could happen:
Scenario 1: The uni semester finishes on Dec 10. The school flies me to Japan for a night so that my visa can by changed by the Korean embassy from a student visa to a work visa. I work from then until the middle of Jan, when I fly back to Aust for the wedding, and to pack up my stuff and ship it back to Korea, and to say goodbye to friends. Basically, I throw away the return ticket I have to leave at the end of Dec, and do not return to Aust as planned at the end of this year.

Scenario 2: Similar to the above, only this time I use the return ticket. I fly back to Aust as planned on Dec 25, but only stay a week before I return to Korea. During this time, I pack up most of my stuff and change my visa with the Embassy in Aust. I then work until mid Jan when the school flies me back to Aust for the wedding (when I will also finish packing and say a final goodbye to friends), and I return again to Korea ASAP.

Scenario 3: The original plan: I return to Aust on my return ticket on Dec 25, stay until after the wedding (Feb 4), during which time I will pack up everything, change over my visa, say final goodbyes and then leave for Korea for good (well, for the year, anyway).

To make decisions and the situation even more complicated, I also have a recruiter looking for a job for me (I'll call this Job B).

'PRO': The job he would get me would most likely be better pay and be in a better location than Job A.
  1. I am not guaranteed to have Job B before I leave Korea on Dec 25.
  2. Thus, the contract and everything would have to be negotiated and arranged by email.
  3. Thus, unlike Job A, I would not be able to visit the location, meet the staff, or see my apartment before signing the contract of Job B.

So, what do I do?
Do I
Take Job A
  1. A job I pretty much have, guaranteed.
  2. A job which is not the best location or pay, but is ok
  3. A job where I kind of already know one of the workers there
  4. A job where I am able to check it out thoroughly so I know what I am getting into and am able to negotiate in person.

Or do I wait to see what eventuates with
Job B; meaning,
  1. I would be in Australia waiting around for something to eventuate.
  2. I would have to do everything over email
  3. I wouldn't be able to see it beforehand
  4. I'd most likely be in a better job.

The only thing I'm sure of is that I want to return to Korea next year. I even feel like I'm supposed to return to Korea next year (however strange that may sound).
It will be the biggest and riskiest thing I have ever done in my life, and the most independent (returning to Australia from PNG was big, but this would be bigger).

But I don't think I've ever been more convinced about what I want to do with my life, and I have given it A LOT of thought - I know how hard it will be to leave friends in Aust for a year, and that means the decision is not easy.

So, advice, peoples. I need advice.

I feel like I have no one I can really talk to here. No one to go to for advice. No one to discuss the big things with. The only person I have to talk to here, besides Sera, about this is a guy called Denny, a Korean-American who is a teacher here. He's Anton's - my hostel brother from PNG - college roommate, and also happens to go to my church. But he's also not the most communicative guy I've ever met.

Captain Unable to Make Decisions. Anyone who knows me will know I can't even make a decision about what movie to rent. Except to say "Not Saw!"

....Now let's forget our troubles with some lemony fresh tuna laughter


Green Lantern said...

Yowser! This is very difficult choice. I've faced similar circumstances myself, and sometimes it works out exactly as you want it. Sometimes it slaps you right in the face. Here's some thoughts.

The first question you need to ask yourself is: Which job do I feel would be better for me?

But also make sure you ask yourself this question: What job choice does God want for me to make?

I know that you dearly want to be at Emma & Richard's wedding. We would all want you to be there too, but sometimes the things we would love to do have to be sacrificed for something more. You would like some form of job security, right? Job A has that. Of course, if you take it, then it's "Bye bye, wedding!" Job B has better prospects for being there at the wedding, but it's not in the bag yet, is it?

Most plans need to made in small steps, never too big or too far ahead. Because any small thing could come along to mess up that, and at least working on a smaller scale means you can recover quicker than having to rebuild that grand plan.

Okay, maybe that doesn't quite help completely, but it is something to start on. Choices like these are never going to be easy, and you will always have to sacrifice one thing for the sake of another.

I'll be praying. As I'm sure we all will.

Ang said...

Hey Greg
thanks for the comment. Thanks for the prayers, too. I asked for guidance, and I guess God gave it too me (read my following post).