Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Found Thanks to Site Stats

Going through my site stats, I've come across a few people who have come from Impenetrable Prose. So, as I usually do with sites people have come to my blog from, I went to check it out. Lo and behold - I've found another blogger with quizzes. I can just see Em (and most likely Colin and Rodney) rolling their eyes as I delve into yet more quizzes....

Now, this one is quite eerie:

You will take over South Korea using only a hot-fudge chocolate sundae
Take this quiz at

Captain Quiz, who will report further results from QuizFarm and QuizGalaxy when she has more time. Right now it is past midnight in South Korea, and Cap'n Chopsticks needs to sleep (if her roommates will ever turn the light off and be quiet) so that she can do her Korean homework in the English Cafe tomorrow.

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